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5-7 June 2020, Istanbul, Turkey

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Update on Sunday, 8 March 2020: Dr. Ali Bououden becomes Track Chairperson of CEM@MIC-Electromag 2020.
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Summary Information of Prof. Mahmoud K. Okasha
Name Prof. Mahmoud K. Okasha
Affiliation Al-Azhar University-Gaza, Gaza, Palestine
Topics Mixture Methods
Simulation of Random Variables
Biography Prof. Dr. Mahmoud K. Okasha is currently a full time Professor of Statistics - working with Al-Azhar University - Gaza; Graduated from the School of Probability and Statistics at the University of Sheffield, England (Ph. D., 1987 and M. Sc., 1984 degrees) and the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences in Cairo University(B. Sc. degree, 1979); has over 30 years of experience as a university instructor, lecturer,associate professor, and full professor. Formerly, Prof. Okasha served as the Dean of Planning and Development, then Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Vice-President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, and the Vice-President for Planning and Quality Assurance. Prof. Okasha is a former member of the peace negotiation delegation and the multilateral peace negotiation team over the issue of Economic Development and the issue of the Displaced; currently board member of the Palestinian Development Fund and the Palestinian Banking Corporation. Prof. Okasha has many published research papers in local, regional and international journals and attended many regional and international conferences. His full CURRICULUM VITAE is in the following link:
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Published Papers of Prof. Mahmoud K. Okasha
Conference Chairings of Prof. Mahmoud K. Okasha
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Program Committees
TrackConferenceDates and Location
Computational Methods in Statistics (CMS)MIC-Statistics 20209-11 October 2020 in Porto, Portugal
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