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Announcement on Friday, 14 February 2020 by Dr. Mohammad M. Banat: Foundations of Statistics: Call for Books
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Summary Information of Dr. Marjan Milošević
Name Dr. Marjan Milošević
Affiliation University of Kragujevac, Čačak, Serbia
Topics Virtual Learning Environments
Mobile Learning, Teaching, and Training
Biography Marjan Milošević is assistant professor at Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak. He holds BSc in engineering and informatics education and PhD in engineering. He currently lectures Computer Networks and Data Protection. Dr Milošević is administrator of the Faculty's e-learning system and has a rich experience in instructional design and infrastructure development in e-learning. He has been involved in various national and international projects dealing with issues of e-learning. Areas of interest; e-learning, information security, technology adoption.
User Since Saturday, 26 October 2019
User Page Views 97
Published Papers of Dr. Marjan Milošević
Conference Chairings of Dr. Marjan Milošević
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Program Committees
TrackConferenceDates and Location
eLearning and Online Education (ELOE)MIC-Education 20209-11 October 2020 in Porto, Portugal
Paper Reviews by Dr. Marjan Milošević
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