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Summary Information of Dr. Saša Ahac
Name Dr. Saša Ahac
Affiliation University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Topics Transportation Infrastructure and Built Environment
Green Transportation
Biography Saša Ahac was born in 1981 in Zagreb, Croatia. After completion of elementary and high school education in Pula, she studied at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering, where she graduated in the Transportation Engineering Program in 2007. Since 2008, she has been employed as a teaching assistant and science novice at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb on the project “Road Traffic Noise - Monitoring and Protection Measures”. She defended the doctoral thesis entitled "Design of suburban roundabouts based on rules of vehicle movement geometry" in 2014. She was employed as an assistant professor at the same Faculty in 2015. She is a member of the Committee for Quality Assurance, and Head of the Transportation Engineering Program on Graduate University Study of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering since 2018. Her scientific activities include research on the vehicle movement geometry and swept path analyses, speed, and visibility at intersections, as well as other traffic areas, but also road and rail traffic noise measurements, modeling, and mitigation measures. She has co-authored 5 book chapters, 8 scientific papers in journals and 22 papers in proceedings of scientific conferences. She was included in teaching activities at the Department of Transportation Engineering immediately after the employment at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. As an assistant, she prepared and conducted exercises at the university undergraduate and graduate studies on Roads, Traffic Noise, Earthworks (2008 - today), and Highway Design (2010 – 2014). As Assistant Professor, she is responsible for the modules Traffic Tunnels and Drainage of Transportation Facilities (2015 – today). Until today, she supervised the completion of 30 defended graduate theses. As an associate designer, she participated in the production of 12 studies and construction projects in the field of traffic noise protection. As a member of the Organizing and International Scientific Committee, she participated in the organization of five international conferences on road and rail infrastructure (CETRA 2010, CETRA 2012, CETRA 2014, CETRA 2016, and CETRA 2018). From 2008 to 2015, she participated in the organization of seminars of professional training in civil engineering "Infrastructure Days". She has participated as an associate in one international scientific project (RUCONBAR - Rubberized concrete noise barriers, University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering, funded by the CIP Eco-Innovations from 2011 to 2014) and six domestic projects (4 short-term scientific projects funded by the University of Zagreb in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2013; Road Traffic Noise - Monitoring and Protection Measures, funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports from 2007 to 2011; Developing project management methodology in implementation of e-learning courses, funded by the University of Zagreb Development Fund in 2011).
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