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35 days remaining to submit papers to ElectriTek 2020 in Irbid, Jordan
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Summary Information of Prof. Kosga Raj
Name Prof. Kosga Raj
Affiliation Putra International College, Malacca, Malaysia
Topics Performance Management
Leadership in Management
Biography Enter 100Prof.Dr. Kosga.Y. Raj has a Ph.D in OB/HR (Management) from India, 2012. He has been involved in Education for the past 25 years both in the teaching capacity and in administration also by being a school principal to the University Professor cum HOD level in teaching and in administration. Among his professional involvement, being a committee member in the School Curriculum Framing Project which determines the school syllabus. He is dedicated in his duty by being a partner in an organization that focuses on supporting social sectors which work for a more just and equitable world. He intensified his dedication by conceiving and successfully implementing environmental awareness and corporate social responsibility programs at his colleges, lecturing on the imperative need for the community to be exposed to the current trending of the new wave in education, and had served on the board of national organizations devoted to human, civil, and democratic rights. He worked as a social worker/volunteer in the field of educating the underprivileged and deprived societies in the northern region of India.  He also has been employed in the capacity of School Principal, Head of the Department of Commerce & Programme Leader both in India and in Malaysia. He is responsible for the Administration, Lecturing and Supervision at Tertiary level especially as Research Supervisor and External Thesis Examiner. His current interest includes doing Research in the area of Performance Management. -5000 Characters
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Management Policies, Practices and Organizational Performance (MPPOP)MIC-Management 202013-15 November 2020 in Aqaba, Jordan
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