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2020 Global Mosharaka Congress on Next Generation Networks (GMC-NextNets 2020)
5-7 June 2020, Istanbul, Turkey

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Update on Saturday, 14 September 2019: GC-ElecEng 2020 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE. Congress papers will be included in IEEE Xplore.
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Summary Information of Dr. Suzan Abed
Name Dr. Suzan Abed
Affiliation University of the District of Columbia, Rockville, MD, USA
Topics Financial Economics
Allocation of Financial Resources
Biography Associate professor in accounting at University of the District of Columbia- Washington-DC- USA. I have earned my Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Aberdeen – UK in 2010. Meanwhile, BSc and MSc in Accounting were received in Jordan at Yarmouk University. I promoted to the professorship in Accounting from Applied Science Private University (ASU) 2019 in Jordan. I have major roll in school administration work as a team leader and Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate studies in ASU of many tasks such as: quality assurance, strategic planning, QS ranking and rating and many others to achieve quality assurance certificate in Golden level from HEAC and 4 stars in Jordanian ranking and 4 stars in QS stars rating. My main research interest area is mostly focus on content analysis with measuring the level of forward-looking information using computerized content analysis method. In my research, highly innovative research methodologies were used; for example, using textual analysis computer software NVivo to measure the level and quality of narrative reporting and identify its information content, and several research articles that explored issues related to, corporate governance; earnings management, accounting education; accounting ethics and gender in auditing were published. In research and development work, more than 30 published papers, 20 participation in international academic conferences and trainings, in addition to mentor and supervise in more than 40 MS students and supervised 3 Ph.D. students.
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TrackConferenceDates and Location
Business and Financial Economics (BFE)MIC-Finance 202013-15 November 2020 in Aqaba, Jordan
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