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Summary Information of Dr. Catia Cannilla
Name Dr. Catia Cannilla
Affiliation Istituto di Tecnologie Avanzate per l'Energia "Nicola Giordano", Messina, Italy
Topics Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Biography Catia Cannilla was born in Messina on 29th August 1982. She was graduated in Chemistry in 2004 (110/110 with honours), she also held her Master in Chemistry in 2006 (110/110 with honours) and PhD degree in “Chemical Technologies and Innovative Processes” in 2010 at the University of Messina. She is researcher at the National Research Council, Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies “Nicola Giordano” of Messina since 2014 with main interest in the heterogeneous catalysis for renewable fuels production. Her interest is mainly addressed to the synthesis, the physico-chemical characterization and catalyst testing of catalytic materials for energetic purpose along with the development and the design of novel synthesis methodologies of “smart materials”: i) methanol and DME production by CO2 hydrogenation, ii) biodiesel production by transesterification and esterification reactions; iii) oxygenated additives synthesis for diesel glycerol etherification; iv) methane or hydrogen production by supercritical water gasification of waste biomass; v) electrorheological materials synthesis and characterization. She gained considerable experience in conducting experimental micro-plan and a good knowledge in the use of several techniques for the bulk and surface physical-chemical characterization of materials, by studying the interaction of probe molecule with surface catalysts (TPR, TPD, TPO) and the analytical, morphological and structural properties using Gas Chromatography, X-ray Diffraction, X-ray Fluorescence, Infrared spectroscopy, Electronic Microscopy and Thermoanalytic Measurements. She was twice winner of Short Term Mobility Program (2016 and 2018) announced by CNR by working on “Studies of CO2 hydrogenation reaction mechanism by FT-IR measurements”. She was Scientific Responsible for Electro Rheological Fluids (ERFs) synthesis and characterization (Project ADHERE - PNRM 1294 Dec 2010) and she is actually Responsible of CNR activity for SMART REHAB project focused on the synthesis of Electro Rheological Fluids for clinical application. She is Member of the Italian Chemical Society and participant in many research projects in collaboration with Universities and National and International research groups. She is author of more than 50 international papers, 1 book chapter and several referred conference proceedings and technical reports. Scopus h-index = 22; Citations: 1411
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Published Papers of Dr. Catia Cannilla
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Chemistry in Sciences, Engineering and Technology (CSET)MIC-Chemistry 20209-11 October 2020 in Porto, Portugal
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