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Summary Information of Dr. Satish Kumar Gudey
Name Dr. Satish Kumar Gudey
Affiliation Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering (Autonomous),
Topics Converter Applications in Renewable Energies
Biography To exert as a researcher and/or developer in the electrical engineering field which offers key participation, team oriented tasks, immediate challenges and also to improve my skills for the betterment of Technology. I would like to do extensive research in the areas of application of power electronics and power systems field. These include the • Control concepts in renewable energy, the micro grid and the nano grid, deep learning to micro grid, Electric Vehicles, fog computing to a smart grid network. • Writing project proposals to research funding institutes like the DST, AICTE, CSIR, MNR etc. • Developing the power electronics laboratory with the latest equipments and softwares. • Writing patents in the use of power electronic converters for energy harvesting. • Hardware set up based on FPGA based Lab VIEW programming. • Application of Variable Structure systems for power electronics applications is one of my favorite topics of research. • Collaborative research works with the Power Electronic Industries. Teaching and research has always been my motive of work in educational institutes. Through post graduation, I learnt to explore some of the electrical engineering issues which I confronted during my under graduation. Then going with my research work at NIT Allahabad, I fully got aware of the power electronics controllers issues which can be taken up for the improvement of the converters as the controller plays an important role. Some of my short term goals are as follows The heart of any power electronic circuit is the controller.  To develop new controllers with efficient tracking of the sinusoidal voltage waves in case of DC-AC converters and dc output voltage in case of DC-DC converters.  These control strategies can improve the modularity, reliability and flexibility of the Power electronic circuits and distributed power supplies.  Efficiency and regulation are the important parameters for a good converter.  Mathematical analysis using linear and non-linear control techniques is a part of the work to be carried on.  FPGA based LABVIEW programming will be used as the hardware tool.  To do extensive research in the area of controller design for power electronics converters and its applications like the micro grid systems.  To inculcate the habit of developing new technologies at the University which is useful to the future society.  To develop controllers for converters used in renewable energy systems for energy efficient infrastructure to be set up in the Institute.  To work in a good ambience of education where team effort plays a vital role in teaching and research. Teaching is an important part of an academic career. My teaching philosophy is that it is essential to keep students interested and involved in the subject they learn. I feel reasonably comfortable in teaching any of the standard introductory courses related to electrical engineering. In addition, it would be a good pleasure to teach specialized courses like the power electronics or its applications which are close to my research interests for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. It would be a pleasure working with the graduate students. For the next three years, I would like to teach the undergraduate courses such as Basic Electrical Engineering, Network Theory Electrical Technology Utilization of Electrical Energy, Power Electronics. Based on my own academic background and careful study of the curriculum, I would like to design two courses: control techniques in power electronics converters and application of Control Methodologies for Distribution generation which are useful for the graduate students for doing researchwork. Also I would like to develop some laboratory experiments which are useful for the courses undertaken by the students. In summary, I am enthusiastic about teaching as well as research.
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Published Papers of Dr. Satish Kumar Gudey
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TrackConferenceDates and Location
Power Engineering and Applications (Power)MIC-ElectricApps 20204-6 September 2020 (Remotely) in Valencia, Spain
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MIC- 1969
PowerMIC-ElectricApps 2020
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