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Update on Sunday, 10 November 2019: Paper submission deadline of GC-Engineering 2020 has been extended to 23 November 2019.
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Papers Published at MIC-MCWC 2011
1st 12 Papers
Remaining 1 Paper
IDAuthors and TitlePages
12.Cnf-20 Dr. Amer M. Al Canaan and Prof. Ahmed Khoumsi, The Impact of Binary Data Compression on QoS and Performance of SOAP and RESTful Multimedia Web Services1-8
12.Cnf-68 Prof. Thamer M. Jamel and Mr. Haider Mohamed, Absolute Average Error Based Adjusted Step Size LMS Algorithm for Adaptive Noise Canceller9-14
12.Cnf-88 Dr. Ammar Abu-Hudrouss, (7,4) Hamming Like Code for QPSK Modulation15-17
12.Cnf-89 Mr. Ousama Alnatouh, Mr. Gaojie Chen and Prof. Jonathon Chambers, Comparison of Quasi-Orthogonal and Jacket Space-Time Coding Schemes for Point-to-Point and Distributed Transmissions18-21
12.Cnf-94 Ms. Nouri Naziha and Prof. Bouallegue Ridha, Direct-Conversion Receiver Performances for WiMAX Radio Systems22-25
12.Cnf-97 Ms. Maha Abousharkh and Prof. Hussein Mouftah, Sensors Based SOA Enabled Middleware for Patient Monitoring System26-29
12.Cnf-99 Dr. Muneer Bani Yassein and Mr. Mohamed A. Al Omari, Pessimistic Fibonacci Back-Off Algorithm (PFB)30-35
12.Cnf-103 Mr. Osman Turkkan, Prof. Ali Kara and Dr. Yaser Dalveren, Design of a Low Cost Wireless Transmission Module36-39
12.Cnf-108 Dr. Tayfun Nesimoglu, A Linear Transmitter Architecture Using Class-E Switching Power Amplifiers40-42
12.Cnf-109 Dr. Rosilah Hassan and Mr. Hazim Jarrah, Comparison Approach System-Level Fault Diagnosis in MANET Using Non-Overlapping Clustering Technique43-48
12.Cnf-111 Ms. Aisha Aseeri and Dr. Omaima Bamasak, HB-MP*: Towards a Man-in-the-Middle-Resistant Protocol of HB Family49-53
12.Cnf-114 Dr. Amer M. Al Canaan and Prof. Ahmed Khoumsi, Performance Enhancement of Image-Retrieval Web Services Through Image Dimensional Optimisation54-59
IDAuthors and TitlePages
12.Cnf-116 Prof. Lung-Jen Wang and Mr. Cheng-En Wu, Cross-Layer Architecture for Video Transmission over Wireless Multimedia Networks60-65
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