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Update on Tuesday, 1 February 2022: Paper 51.Cnf-17 reaches 462 views.
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Event Submissions - Rules

Submittable event proposals include propsals for a

* Special Session:A collection of papers, sharing a few common topics in an important new research area. Session topics should be within the main scope of the congress. The organizer of the special session is responsible for distributing calls for papers and collecting paper submissions. For the special session to be actually held, 12+ full paper submissions should be received, 6+ of which should be accepted and registered.
* Keynote Talk:A one-hour talk by a known expert in the field of the conference. The talk should address current technology trends, and cover major topics in at least two tracks of the conference.
* Tutorial Session:A detailed talk in one (or at most few) topics of the conference. The tutorial duration should be between one and three hours. The speaker should be a proven expert in the field of the talk.
* Discussion Panel:A discussion round of two to three hours, in at least one of major topics of the conference. The panel should be proposed and moderated by an expert in the topics to be discussed. A few panelists, invited by the moderator and/or the conference management, should take part in the discussions.
* Demo:A demonstration of some research work, by means of an experimental setup of a computer simulation.
* Event proposals are submitted as Congress Evenrts. A Congress is usually composed of more than one Conference. Therefore, an approved event proposal is held as an activity of the whole Congress.
* Please do not submit a propsoal of an event that has been held elsewhere.
* Please do not submit a propsoal of an event that is currently submitted elsewhere.
* Mosharaka is strongly against plagiarism. Cases of plagiarism may result in immediate rejection of the submission, and blacklisting of the authors.