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Summary Information of Prof. Nasser Yazdani
Name Prof. Nasser Yazdani
Affiliation University of Tehran,
Biography Nasser Yazdani is professor of computer science and engineering in ECE Dept., University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. His research interests include Computer netwrok, distributed systems and data processing in particular web engines. Dr. Yazdani received his PhD from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio in USA.
User Since Sunday, 12 August 2012
User Page Views 233
User Contribution Index (UCI) 0
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Published Papers of Prof. Nasser Yazdani
Paper IDPaper TitleConferenceDates and Location
34.Cnf-436Mrs. Besat Jafarian
Prof. Nasser Yazdani
B-tree based packet classification (B2-PC)
MIC-CCA 201212-14 October 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey
37.Cnf-505Mrs. Besat Jafarian
Prof. Nasser Yazdani
Universal B-tree Based Packet Classification(UB-PC)
MIC-CPE 20131-3 February 2013 in Kenitra, Morocco
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