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Summary Information of Prof. Hasan Al Dabbas
Name Prof. Hasan Al Dabbas
Affiliation Philadelphia University,
Topics Mechanisms and Machines
Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Biography Dr. Hassan Al-Dabbas specializes in higher education and universities and technical colleges, highly experienced in excess of 30 years in the education sector. Has an excellent knowledge of the educational curriculum and the academy in Jordan and neighboring countries and given his long previous experience in Education at Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research and Ministry of Education at the state of Qatar. He worked as president and an educational adviser and cultural counselor in several governmental and private Jordanian universities and education advisor at Wade Sir Training College (UNRWA), in 2008, worked as a cultural and educational counselor at the Jordanian Embassy in Moscow He supervised more than 3,000 students studying in Russian universities and institutes which enabled him to implement certain programs professionally and educationally efficient, high administrative . Developed a special expertise in the technical and financial matters of higher educational project, it also has a long experience of vocational and technical training and university average and also in government tenders for large projects because it served for many years a member of the Technical Committee of the Central Tenders in Jordanian universities Dr Dabbas work on several projects with American and Canadian universities in the development of comprehensive education and technical in Jordan through the Higher Council for Science and Technology, Amman, and the World Bank and UNDP and UNRWA in Jordan and the region. Thus, he has a good understanding of the educational projects developed and implemented by international financial institutions. Supervised many of the graduation projects and dissertations at universities and institutes in Jordan. It also is the lead author of four books Academy and cultural as well as a long list of papers and technical reports dealing with the Education and Higher Education and Technical Jordan , he is an active member in many technical committees at the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education of Jordan, and the Jordanian Engineers Association and he is the architect Registered in the Jordanian Engineers Association and the Federation of Arab Engineers, (Professional Engineer) and a member of the American Welding Society and the American Society of engineers of production and manufacturing . Dr. Dabbas has been nominated as a member of a central authority in Jordan Engineers Association for patrols consecutive representative of the Division of Mechanical Engineering.
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TrackConferenceDates and Location
Materials, Design and Manufacturing (MDM)MechaniTek 202016-18 June 2020 (Remotely) in Irbid, Jordan
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