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Update on Monday, 19 July 2021: Dr. Jose M. Jimenez becomes Chairperson of MIC-Multimedia 2021.
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Summary Information of Prof. Simeon Iliev
Name Prof. Simeon Iliev
Affiliation University of Ruse,
Topics Automotive Engines
Internal Combustion Engines
Biography I am an associate professor at the University of Ruse, Bulgaria. Currently, I am the Vice Dean of Transport Faculty. Previously, I held several positions Commercial Director at Interbravo OOD; Chief of Computer Department at Ziraf OOD; Manager of Department of Ship Engines and Mechanisms at Ruse Shipyard J. S. C. Member of FISITA (FISITA - International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies), SAE (SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEER), IAENG(INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS), SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ADVANCED MATERIALS, THE UNION OF SCIETIST IN BULGARIA, CRIS (CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN SCIENCE). Member of many CONFERENCE ORGANISING COMMITTEE. My research interests are in the field of Renewable Energy, Alternative Fuels, Internal Combustion Engines, Automotive Fuel Systems, Engine Simulation and Exhaust Emissions. Supervisor of many MSc students.
User Since Wednesday, 5 September 2018
User Page Views 584
User Contribution Index (UCI) 0.11
Conference Registration Discount 2.41%
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Paper Reviews by Prof. Simeon Iliev
Mosharaka appreciates highly that Prof. Simeon Iliev has provided paper reviews at the tracks and conferences shown in the following table

Track Conference
ThermalMechaniTek 2020
Conference Talks by Prof. Simeon Iliev