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Update on Thursday, 27 January 2022: Dr. Esraa Abdelall becomes Track Chairperson of MDM@MechaniTek 2022.
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Summary Information of Dr. David Olatayo Olayiwola
Name Dr. David Olatayo Olayiwola
Affiliation University College Hospital, Ibadan,
Topics Mobile Healthcare
Electronic Health Cards
Biography Dr David Olatayo Olayiwola is a senior medical officer at the Ekiti State Hospital Management Board in Ado Ekiti,Nigeria.He is currently undergoing residency training in general surgery at the University College Hospital,Ibadan,Nigeria and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital,Accra,Ghana.He has passion for healthcare innovation through artificial intelligence.Driven by this vision,he has acquired certifications in advanced java programming at the New Horizon Learning centers,Pennsylvania, USA and also got certified in Machine learning by the Stanford University,California,USA. Dr Olayiwola was born in Owa kajola, Kwara State,Nigeria on 22nd October 1981. He graduated from Oyun Baptist High School Ijagbo in the north central part of Nigeria, and from the University of Ilorin college of medicine with a Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery(MBBS) in 2006. After receiving his education, he had a wide horizon of experience in private medical practice post graduation,before proceeding to undergo his housemanship at the federal medical centre,Owo,Ondo state ,Nigeria in 2007. He later worked as a medical officer in Ikere,Omuo and Ifaki Ekiti respectively until 2013 when he was absorbed into the residency training programme in the field of Surgery at the University College Hospital,Ibadan,Nigeria.In 2015,Dr Olayiwola Proceeded to Korle Bu Teaching hospital,Accra,Ghana, for clinical attachment in the department of surgery where he worked with the hepatobiliary unit. There,he had exposures in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications of laparoscopy in the management of surgical patients.He developed a lot of academic and medical softwares some of which have been deployed for training purposes.He was recently recognised by the Ghanian minister for environment,science and technology,for the CCPTC apps which he developed for a regional hospital in Ghana for the purpose of cervical cancer prevention and treatment. In December 2017, Dr Olayiwola was assigned to the bioinformatics and medical group of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth,Switzerland as an individual member.During this period,he has added new skills to fuel his passion for healthcare development.He obtained a certificate in Software engineering(JAVA technology):Relational design,SQL fundamentals of Query,Object oriented programming,fundamentals of java programming,Java intermediate programming,java advance programming and web technology. June 2017.He also got certified in Machine Learning by Stanford University,California,USA on Coursera.Certificate earned on Friday,August 10,2018 4:32 PM GMT. He currently directs a group called Softwarepro Eclinicplus( which has produced a plethora of softwares directed at mobile health and health data records. A versatile medical doctor and software programmer, Dr Olayiwola's research is focused on, the value of telediagnosis in African surgical practice.He believes that telediagnosis is feasible in Africa.His vision is to create applications that will simplify the extension of knowledge and skills of surgical specialists to remote locations at very low costs.
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MLSPMIC-Signals 2021
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