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Update on Thursday, 8 July 2021: Dr. Kanwalinder Gagneja becomes Track Chairperson of NetSec@MIC-Networks 2021.
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Summary Information of Dr. Shariq Aziz Butt
Name Dr. Shariq Aziz Butt
Affiliation Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences,
Topics Software Requirements Questionnaires and Surveys
Software Requirements Elicitation
Biography i am a PhD and doing research in PIEAS University Islamabad with the collaboration of University of Lahore. Professionally i am a Post-Graduate Faculty and Researcher. i am attached with a research lab CoCo Lab in PIEAS University. i am working in two hot areas: 1. software engineering and 2.IoT WSN Security. in this regard i published many articles in these two dimensions in reputed ELSEVIER, Springer Publishers. Currently i am supervising 3 masters degree student's thesis in software engineering domain. in this we are working in 3 different but very unique and hot topics. i am also reviewer of many reputed journals as mentioned below: 1. IEEE Access (Impact Factor 3.5) 2. ETRI (Impact Factor 1.2) 3. APJMR (University of Lycestuff Philippine). i also write a book in WSN Attacks with the title"Black Hole Attack Mitigation in Manet". i would like to be a part of your Conference Committee member and reviewer of papers in these 2 areas.
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CNAElectriTek 2020
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