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Summary Information of Dr. Ekhlas K. Hamza
Name Dr. Ekhlas K. Hamza
Affiliation ,
Biography Name :Dr. Ekhlas K. Hamza Senior lecture Technology University Applied physics \ laser division Baghdad \ Iraq, Biography: Personal information: First name: Ekhlas , Father name: Kadhum , Family name:ALmfrajai â– Date of birth: 2.9.1965 , Place of brith: Baghdad, Iraq , Nationality: Iraqi , M.State: Single , Sex: Female. Education: Oct. 1980-June 1986: Secondary School in Baghdad, Iraq. , Oct. 1986-June 1990: B.Sc Study at AL-Baghdad University, Department of the Electrical Engineering, Baghdad - Iraq. , Aug.2003 - Jan.2005: M.Sc. study at Technology University, Department of Space Technology &Communication, Baghdad , Iraq. Thesis Title ,LAN Design With Unguided Optical Communication, Master degree is:1-the scholastic courses ( 81.416%),2-thesies(84),3-final appraisal(82.277) .Jan. 2008 – to Oct 2011: Ph.D study at Electrical & Electronic Engineering a, University of USM - Malaysia . Thesis Title :DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A NEW TECHNIQUE FOR BERT (BIT ERROR RATE TESTER) USING SDR PLATFORM . Research Interests: Design & implementation of digital transceiver cards in Laser communication system , Design & implementation of digital transceiver using simulink matlab with XILINX tools(system enerater) Virtex-4 FPGA and DM6446 DMP , SFFSDR KIT , Soft defined radio architecture, front end architecture, RF microwave wireless systems , Optical communication application ,Noise figure , bit error rate and SNR measurements , Further in field of digital communications. Research-Related Courses: Soft defined radio, Digital communication, Digital signal processing, field program gate , Satellite communication, RF and microwave wireless system. Mobile Radio., Microwave Integrated Circuits., Design filter FIR , IRR.
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MIC- 1970
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