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Summary Information of Dr. Ekaterina Pshehotskaya
Name Dr. Ekaterina Pshehotskaya
Affiliation Moscow Polytechnic University,
Topics Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Biography Biography: Dr. Ekaterina Pshehotskaya, Doctor (Ph.D.-linguistics), now is a Product Development Manager at Yandex, Associate Professor at Moscow Polytechnic University, Chief of educational program «Security in Next Generation of Information Systems», expert in Information Security, Data Leakage Prevention with strong expertise in Data Mining, Cyber Forensics and Artificial Intelligence. An author of multiple patents in the field of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, an author of multiple articles on Computational Intelligence, Data Protection, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Member of Advisory Board of The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications, IEEE Member, Member of Editorial Board on Linguistics of European publishing house de Gruyter / Versita, Member of The Association for Computational Linguistics, Member of Slavic Linguistics Society, Reviewer of multiple journals on Theoretical Linguistics and Computational Intelligence. Invited guest speaker and program chair of multiple conferences, general chair of multiple international conferences, responsible for the product line development of voice technologies at Yandex. She got her BSc in Theoretical Linguistics, MSc in Formal Syntactic and Semantic Theories, Specialist in Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining, Linguistics Doctor’s degree (Ph.D.) at Moscow State University. Currently Dr. Ekaterina Pshehotskaya’s researches focus on the machine learning algorithms in the field of Data Protection and Information Content Security. Studies on Theoretical and Computational Linguistics, Ontologies, Statistical Algorithms to Data Protection, Machine Learning methods for Text Classification and Clusterization. DR
User Since Tuesday, 10 December 2019
User Page Views 19
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Published Papers of Dr. Ekaterina Pshehotskaya
Paper IDPaper TitleConferenceDates and Location
47.Cnf-1105Dr. Vladimir Vinnikov
Dr. Ekaterina Pshehotskaya
The partial disclosure of gpsOne file format for assisted GPS service
ElectriTek 202016-18 June 2020 in Irbid, Jordan
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