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Update on Friday, 30 July 2021: Dr. Mohamed Aly Saad Aly becomes Chairperson of MIC-Signals 2021.
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Summary Information of Prof. Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti
Name Prof. Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti
Affiliation Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez,
Topics Artificial Intelligence Applied to Smart Cities
Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities
Biography Alberto Ochoa Ortiz-Zezzatti (PhD’04-Postdoctoral Researcher’06, Industrial Postdoctoral Research’09 & Energy Studies Postdoctoral Research’18). He joined at Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez in June 2008. He has written scientific papers in 17 languages, has 14 books, 87 chapters of books related to AI and more than 427 papers mainly to logistics for Smart Cities and Social Modeling using different techniques of AI. He has directed 47 doctoral theses, 49 master's theses and 57 Bachelor's degrees. Participate in the organization of several international conferences. His research interests include ubiquitous computing, evolutionary computation, natural language processing, social models for a Smart City, anthropometric characterization and social data mining. He currently has a social service and related to intelligent applications to help children with some type of disability using a Humanoid Nao Robot. Since September 2016, he has received the distinction of SNI Level 2. He is participating in a project to learn Arabic as a cultural bulwark in Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian communities in the state of Nuevo León (2018-2020). Currently develops a project related to the reduction of road accidents using Italian Scooters, by designing an optimal helmet and ideal for it and improving life in a Smart City, in the framework of a project with the European Union until 2027.
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Published Papers of Prof. Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti
Conference Chairings of Prof. Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti
Conference Committees of Prof. Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti
Program Committees
TrackConferenceDates and Location
Intelligent Systems and Technologies (Intelligent)MIC-ElectricApps 20204-6 September 2020 in Valencia, Spain
Smart Cities of the Future (Cities)MIC-Smart 202110-12 December 2021 in Valencia, Spain
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