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Update on Friday, 13 August 2021: Dr. Ali Abu Odeh becomes Publicity Chairperson of EngiTek 2022.
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Summary Information of Prof. Qais Alsafasfeh
Name Prof. Qais Alsafasfeh
Affiliation Tafila Technical University,
Topics Electrical Power Systems
Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Biography Over 22 years’ experience in power system modelling, analysis, planning and operation studies and high level power system research my research work leads to more than 46 refereed high rank journals and conferences. performing, reporting and training in power system reliability, congestion analysis, harmonic analyses, optimal energy management for virtual power plants considering correlated demand response, fully distributed AC optimal power flow, proactive resilient scheduling for networked microgrids with extreme events, impact studies and stability analysis of connected large-scale renewable energy sources, optimizing the power generation fleet dispatch and next-generation retail electricity market with customers and prosumers . I have significant experience in planning of electricity transmission and distribution networks as well as assessing the connection requirements and technical compliance of distributed and transmission connected generation projects. I am familiar with Technical Rules, Grid Codes and standards in multiple jurisdictions including Jordan, Oman and Bahrain. Previous experience in providing technical advice to regulation authorities, networks companies and generators, including those involving compliance and disputes with Technical Rules and Grid Codes. Also I am responsible for business development, project management and technical project work related to transmission and distribution system planning and investment studies as well as supervision of power system analysis studies and associated project teamwork.
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