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Summary Information of Mr. Diya Alawneh
Name Mr. Diya Alawneh
Affiliation Jordan University of Science and Technology,
Topics Industrial and Occupational Ergonomics
Materials Manufacturing and Processing
Biography First of all, my name is Diya Alawneh. I\'m 26 years old. I have finished the bakalor\'s degree in mechanical engineering at Albalqa\' applied university. Currently, I\'m studying at Jordan university of science and technology. My major is an master\'s degree of industrial engineering. As well, i work at civil aviation regulatory commission of Jordan with air clearances officer at air transport and international relations directorate. I have a passion for in research. Further, iam looking forward to published our team paper to gain your kind committee\'s confidence in order to win in this conference. Finally, i would like to seize this opportunity to thank all members who will be doing that unique chance and support.
User Since Thursday, 17 March 2022
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