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Summary Information of Prof. Adrian Rotariu
Name Prof. Adrian Rotariu
Affiliation Military Technical Academy,
Topics Additive Manufacturing Processes
Materials Behavior
Biography Rotariu Adrian-Nicolae is a military engineer graduating from the Military Technical Academy (MTA) in Bucharest in 2002 at Ammunition, missiles, explosives and powders, a specialization closely related to the field of ballistics. He obtained his doctorate in mechanical engineering in 2007 in the same institution and since 2008 he has held various teaching positions in MTA. Currently he held the position of professor within MTA’s Department of Armament Systems Engineering and Mechatronics and is the head of the MTA’s doctoral school. The most consistent component of his continuous professional development is given by his participation in over 70 contracts with industry or carried out within national research programs. His published work, more than 80 articles and conference papers and 6 books/manuals, concern ballistics, mechanical response of materials, numerical simulations and blast mitigation solutions. He is also member of the International Ballistic Society.
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