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Global 2019 Congress on Economics, Management, Business and Financial Sciences (GC-EcoMan 2019)
15-17 November 2019, Aqaba, Jordan

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Update on Sunday, 11 August 2019: Dr. Yazid Khattabi becomes Track Chairperson of VCS@MIC-Vehicular 2020.
1st International Congress on Engineering Technologies (EngiTek 2020)
14-16 April 2020, FoE-JUST, Irbid, Jordan
1st International Conference on Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Industrial Engineering Technologies (MechaniTek 2020)
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Welcome to EngiTek 2020
Welcome to the 1st International Congress on Engineering Technologies (EngiTek 2020). This event is intended to represent a major forum for researchers, professionals and students from all over the world to meet in the beautiful and culturally rich city of Irbid in Jordan to present their latest research results and to exchange new ideas and practical experiences.

EngiTek 2020 is organized by Faculty of Engineering - Jordan University of Science and Technology

EngiTek 2020 is planned to feature special sessions, keynote talks and tutorial sessions by leading experts, paper presentations, poster shows, demo shows, discussion panels, as well as other interesting technical activities.

Coming to Jordan represents a unique opportunity to witness the embrace of history and future. As small in area as it is, Jordan has a rich history spanning thousands of years, a history that a tourist can only admire. Places like Petra and the Dead Sea are only examples of the many one-of-a-kind places to visit in Jordan. On top of all that, Jordan, as a peaceful country in a turbulent area, enjoys extreme levels of safety and security. Jordanian people are internationally known for generosity, hospitality and cultural awareness and tolerance.

EngiTek 2020 Conferences

ElectriTek 2020

MechaniTek 2020

ChemiTek 2020

CiviTek 2020

ArchiTek 2020
Why Take Part in EngiTek 2020?
* Enjoy attending EngiTek 2020 at Faculty of Engineering - Jordan University of Science and Technology (FoE-JUST), in Irbid, Jordan.
* Enjoy moderate registration fees, and register up to two papers for the same registration fee. Students receive substantial registration discounts.
* Have the possiblity to extend and publish your conference papers with some of the top journal publishers.
* Only full paper submissions are allowed at all our conferences. No summary or abstract submissions are allowed. Conference topic coverage includes the most current and exciting fields of knowledge and research.
* Papers can be accepted to our conferences only after rigorous peer reviewing.
* Our outstanding reviewing process is facilitated by careful selection of technical program committee members from among the best international experts. Each submitted paper is subject to no less than two peer reviews before it can be considered for acceptance.
* Published papers of EngiTek 2020 are indexed by Google Scholar. More indexing is on the way.
* At each conference, and based on paper review scores, the paper with the highest scores receives the Best Paper Award. This is an award to which only presented papers are eligible. The best paper award is usually delivered to the presenter of the winning paper at the main conference dinner.
EngiTek 2020 Dates
EngiTek 2020 Days Tuesday - Thursday: 14-16 April 2020
Track Submission Deadline
(For submission of user-contributed Conference Tracks.)
Tuesday, 5 November 2019
Event Proposal Submission Deadline
(Keynotes, Tutorials, Special Sessions, etc.)
Monday, 3 February 2020
Full Paper Submission Deadline Monday, 3 February 2020
Author Notifications Monday, 17 February 2020
Final Paper Submissions Deadline Thursday, 27 February 2020
Registration Deadline Thursday, 27 February 2020
Registration Cancellation Deadline Wednesday, 4 March 2020
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MechaniTek 2020 Tracks
Welcome to the 1st International Conference on Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Industrial Engineering Technologies (MechaniTek 2020). This is a member conference of the 1st International Congress on Engineering Technologies (EngiTek 2020).
The scope of MechaniTek 2020 is organized into the following conference tracks:
Thermal Power Systems and Applications
Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
Mechanical Systems Dynamics, Vibration and Control
Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Materials, Design and Manufacturing
Aeronautical Engineering
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
Clicking any of the above tracks links reveals links to view track topics and track committee, and links to submit contributions.
MechaniTek 2020 Technical Program Committee (TPC)

MechaniTek 2020 TPC Members

Dr. Nisrin Abdelal Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Dr. Wisam Abu Jadayil American University of Ras Al Khaimah UAE
Prof. Hasan Al Dabbas Philadelphia University Jordan
Prof. Omar Al-Araidah Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Dr. Mohammad Al-Khedher Abu Dhabi University UAE
Dr. Hamid Alasadi University of Basrah Iraq
Prof. Ahmed Hamza H Ali Assiut University Egypt
Prof. Nader Asnafi Örebro Universitet Sweden
Dr. Omar Bataineh Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Prof. Hüsamettin Bulut Harran Üniversitesi Turkey
Prof. Dimitris Drikakis University of Strathclyde UK
Prof. Munzer Ebaid Philadelphia University Jordan
Dr. Akram Faqeeh Royal Commission for Yanbu Colleges and Institutes Saudi Arabia
Prof. Mohammad Gharaibeh Hashemite University Jordan
Prof. Hassan Hedia King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia
Prof. Rajab Hokoma University of Tripoli Libya
Dr. Waail Lafta Griffith University Australia
Prof. Mousa Mohsen American University of Ras Al Khaimah UAE
Dr. Mohammad Nimafar Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch Iran
Dr. Murat Reis Uludağ University Turkey
Dr. Rami Saeed Phase Change Energy Solutions USA
Prof. Salameh Sawalha Al-Balqa Applied University Jordan
Prof. Tatjana Sibalija Belgrade Metropolitan University Serbia
Dr. Khaldoun Tahboub German-Jordanian University Jordan
Dr. Muhammad Tawalbeh University of Sharjah UAE
Prof. Dean Vucinic Vesalius College Belgium
MechaniTek 2020 Statistics

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EngiTek 2020 Visits: 30939||MechaniTek 2020 Visits: 7248