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Summary Information of Dr. Reino Virrankoski
Name Dr. Reino Virrankoski
Affiliation Aalto University,
Biography Mr. Reino Virrankoski is working as a Senior Researcher in the University of Vaasa, Finland. After graduating from the University of Helsinki in 2000, he has been working as a Researcher in Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) on 2000-2007, as a Visiting Assistant Researcher in Yale University on 2004-2005 as a Lecturer of Telecommunications in the University of Vaasa on 2007-2010 and as a Senior Researcher in the University of Vaasa since 2010. Mr. Virrankoski’s research interests cover communication and control in wireless networks, wireless automation and wireless networks in defense and security.
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Published Papers of Dr. Reino Virrankoski
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GS Citations

Dr. Maurizio Bocca
Mr. Cristian Galperti
Dr. Reino Virrankoski
Prof. Heikki Koivo
Estimating the number of persons in an unknown indoor environment by applying wireless acoustic sensors and blind signal separation
MIC-MCWC 200617-20 September 2006 in Amman, Jordan
50.Cnf-904Mr. Mike Mekkanen
Dr. Reino Virrankoski
Prof. Mohammed Elmusrati
Prof. Erkki Antila
The Needs for the Vendor-Neutral System Configuration Tool based on IEC61850: Introduction and Concept
MIC-Electrical 20144-6 April 2014 in Athens, Greece
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