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Summary Information of Dr. Usama Nassar
Name Dr. Usama Nassar
Affiliation Suez Canal University,
Topics City Planning
Sustainable Urbanization in Developing Countries
Biography Usama A. Nassar is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Suez Canal University, where he has served as a member of the faculty since 1997. He completed his Ph.D. at Suez Canal University after earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Cairo University and spending two years in a channel program at Birmingham City University in the UK. His research interests lie in urban design and range from urban theories and applications to the implementation of study projects in Egypt. In recent years, he has focused on better techniques for expressing, analyzing, and executing urban spaces. He has also collaborated actively with researchers in several other social science disciplines, and he has published two books since 2013. Nassar has participated in ten conferences and workshop program committees and has published more than twelve articles in international journals. In addition, he currently serves on the editorial boards of many journals.
User Since Saturday, 30 November 2019
User Page Views 917
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Published Papers of Dr. Usama Nassar
Conference Chairings of Dr. Usama Nassar
Conference Committees of Dr. Usama Nassar
Program Committees
TrackConferenceDates and Location
Smart Architecture (SmArch)MIC-Smart 202110-12 December 2021 in Valencia, Spain
Paper Reviews by Dr. Usama Nassar
Mosharaka appreciates highly that Dr. Usama Nassar has provided paper reviews at the tracks and conferences shown in the following table

Track Conference
RESDMechaniTek 2020
Conference Talks by Dr. Usama Nassar