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Summary Information of Dr. Fernando Alves
Name Dr. Fernando Alves
Affiliation Universidade do Porto,
Topics Smart City for Special Needs
Citizen Engagement and Smart Governance
Biography 1. NAME: Fernando Manuel Brandão Alves 2. DIPLOMAS 2.1 B. Sc. (Bachelor of Sciences) in Architecture - Faculty of Architecture - University of Lisbon. Final grade = 15 – Lisbon, July 1988 2.2 M. Sc. (Master of Sciences) in Regional and Urban Planning - University of Lisbon. Final grade - Maxime classification (MB) - September – Lisbon, September 1993 (C.R.) 2.3 PhD / Doctor in Urban and Regional Planning. - University of Lisbon Final grade – Maxime classification – uninamity approved – Lisbon, May 1997 (C.R.) 3. AFFILIATION University of Porto, Porto, Portugal. Department - Civil Engineering Department - DEC. Position - Associate Professor with Habilitation in Civil Engineering. -Director of Spatial Planning, Transports & Environment Division - DEC – FEUP. -Director of Planning Laboratory / Director of the Master Programme in Spatial Planning and Urban Project (FEUP/FAUP). 4. CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS - "Public space and inclusive urban design"; - "Bioclimatic urban design and morphology"; - "Public Space Accessibility for ALL"; - "Low-carbon cities"; - "Ageing friendly cities"; - "Healthy & smart cities"; - "Urban rehabilitation." Methods and techniques: - Methodology for the evaluation of public urban spaces quality (book published in portuguese language by the Portuguese Foundation for Science & Technology - FCT - together with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation); - Techniques & operational principles to assure the sustainability of urban spaces; - Techniques & operational principles for creating ageing friendly spaces in cities; - Techniques & operational principles to assure the inclusiveness of public urban spaces and its accessibility for all. 5. TEACHING EXPERIENCE & FACULTY MANEGEMENT RESPONSABILITIES 5.1 Assoc. Professor with Habilitation (Habilitation = Max. Academic Degree) – Faculty of Civil Engineering University – University of Porto – Porto, Portugal – (Master Courses and Civil Engeneering Course); 5.2 Past Visiting Professor – University of Valladolid / CESAP – PhD Programme of Architecture -– Valladolid (Spain) / Porto (Portugal). 5.1 Past Visiting Professor Post-Graduate Architecture Programme – Oporto Superior Artistic School - CESAP –– Porto (Portugal). 5.2 Supervisor of PhD and Master students in the Urban Planning and Architecture field in Portuguese and other European universities. 5.3 Head of Spatial Planning, Transports & Environment Division - DEC - FEUP. 5.4 Director of the Planning Laboratory - DEC - FEUP. 5.5 Director of the Master Course in Spatial Planning and Urban Design (FEUP / FAUP). 5.6 Member of the Conseil of the Civil Engineering Department – DEC – FEUP. 5.7 President of the Scientific Committee of the Master Course in Spatial Planning and Urban Design (FEUP/FAUP); 5.8 Member of the Scientific Committee of Advanced Studies Course of The Rehabilitation of the Built Patrimony. 6. RESEARCHING and PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE– summary 6.1 Vice-President of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP/AIU) – The Hague, 2004-2008. 6.2 Directory Board Member of the Portuguese Architects Council – (2008-2012). 6.3 Full Member of the Portuguese Architects Society – since 1988. 6.4 Full Member of ISOCARP since 1990. Past Vice-President of ISOCARP. Head od the ISOCARP Portuguese National Delegation (BM) – 2008 to present. 6.5 Full Member and Secretary of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Urbanists Society. 6.6 Senior Researcher Member of CITTA - Research Centre of Territory, Transports and Environment (DEC - Faculty of Civil Engineering University – University of Oporto – Oporto, Portugal). 6.7 Author and Coordinator of several Projects in the Architecture, Urban Design and Urban Planning fields. 6.8 Coordinator of several technical proposals to Public Competitions, in Portugal and foreign countries. 6.9 Member of national and international Juries for public competitions and international workshops. 6.10 Supervisor of several Master Dissertations and PhD Thesis concluded in national and foreign Universities. 7. SOME PUBLICATIONS – Architecture and Urban Planning (Theory and Pratice) 7.1 Author or co-author of the following Books (among others) a) “PROTA – Land Management and Regional Plan for the Territory of Azores” (original title: Plano Regional de Ordenamento do Território dos Açores) – Author and coordinator of the Structure and Urban Form sector. General Coord. P. Pinho. 2007 (co-author). b) "Maia Municipality - Strategic Plan for a Sustainable Development" – Editor: Municipality of Maia, Maia, Portugal, 2004 (co-author). c) "The Evaluation of Public Urban Space Quality – Methodologie Proposed" – Editor: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation & Foundation for Science & Technology, Lisbon, Portugal, 2003 (author). d) “Strategic Plan for Sustainable Developmente of the City of Maia” (original title: Plano Estratégico de Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Concelho da Maia).
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