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Update on Thursday, 17 June 2021: Paper 1.Cnf-6@MIC-MCWC 2006 reaches 767 views and 411 downloads.
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Papers Published at GC-CPE 2011
All 2 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
19.Cnf-4 Ms. Uzma Siddique
Prof. Habibullah Jamal
Microwave attenuation and prediction of rain outage for GSM transmission networks in Pakistan’s tropical region
19.Cnf-49 Dr. Khair A. Shamaileh
Mr. Abdullah Qaroot
Prof. Nihad Dib
Design of a miniaturized 10:1 unequal split Wilkinson power divider using non-uniform transmission lines
19.Cnf-54 Paper View Page
Title Simulation model of the block linear precoder
Authors Dr. Mutamed Khatib, Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie, Nablus, Palestine
Abstract This paper presents a simulation study for a block transmission system that depends on moving the equalization process from the receiver to the base station. A real time simulation is performed using Simulink to prove the mathematical model. Detailed block diagrams are introduced with description of the system behavior, with a comparison of the performance with the mathematical model for different signal to noise ratios.
Track CCS: Communication Circuits and Sub-Systems
Conference 4th Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Propagation, and Electronics (MIC-CPE 2011)
Congress 2011 Global Congress on Communications, Propagation, and Electronics (GC-CPE 2011), 4-6 February 2011, Amman, Jordan
Pages --1
Topics Low-Power Wireless Communications
Nonlinear Communication Circuits
ISSN 2227-331X
BibTeX @inproceedings{54CPE2011,
title={Simulation model of the block linear precoder},
author={Mutamed Khatib},
booktitle={2011 Global Congress on Communications, Propagation, and Electronics (GC-CPE 2011)},
organization={Mosharaka for Research and Studies} }
Paper Views 972 Paper Views Rank 47/525
Paper Downloads 480 Paper Downloads Rank 23/525
GC-CPE 2011 Visits: 6980||MIC-CPE 2011 Visits: 5639||CCS Track Visits: 1284