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Papers Published at GC-CPE 2011
All 3 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
19.Cnf-4 Ms. Uzma Siddique
Prof. Habibullah Jamal
Microwave attenuation and prediction of rain outage for GSM transmission networks in Pakistan’s tropical region
19.Cnf-49 Dr. Khair A. Shamaileh
Mr. Abdullah Qaroot
Prof. Nihad Dib
Design of a miniaturized 10:1 unequal split Wilkinson power divider using non-uniform transmission lines
19.Cnf-54 Dr. Mutamed Khatib
Simulation model of the block linear precoder
19.Cnf-62 Paper View Page
Title Modeling of security and fault tolerance in mobile codes
Authors Mr. A. Vafaei, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Hojat Hamidi, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Abstract The reliable execution of a mobile agent is a very important design issue in building a mobile agent system and many fault-tolerant schemes have been proposed so far. Security is a major problem of mobile agent systems, especially when money transactions are concerned . Security for the partners involved is handled by encryption methods based on a public key authentication mechanism and by secret key encryption of the communication. In this paper, we examine qualitatively the security considerations and challenges in application development with the mobile code paradigm. We identify a simple but crucial security requirement for the general acceptance of the mobile code paradigm, and evaluate the current status of mobile code development in meeting this requirement. We find that the mobile agent approach is the most interesting and challenging branch of mobile code in the security context. Therefore, we built a simple agent-based information retrieval application, the Traveling Information Agent system, and discuss the security issues of the system in particulars.
Track OFC: Optical Fiber Communications
Conference 4th Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Propagation, and Electronics (MIC-CPE 2011)
Congress 2011 Global Congress on Communications, Propagation, and Electronics (GC-CPE 2011), 4-6 February 2011, Amman, Jordan
Pages --1
Topics Network Modeling and Simulation
Optical Communication Networks
ISSN 2227-331X
BibTeX @inproceedings{62CPE2011,
title={Modeling of security and fault tolerance in mobile codes},
author={A. Vafaei, and Hojat Hamidi},
booktitle={2011 Global Congress on Communications, Propagation, and Electronics (GC-CPE 2011)},
organization={Mosharaka for Research and Studies} }
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