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Update on Friday, 30 July 2021: Dr. Mohamed Aly Saad Aly becomes Chairperson of MIC-Signals 2021.
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Papers Published at GC-CNIT 2008
All 4 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
8.Cnf-185 Dr. Mohamad A. Aoude
Mr. Jihad Haddad
Performance of routing and scheduling for VoIP over wireless ad-hoc networks
8.Cnf-658 Mr. Cherif Ghazel
Leila Saïdane
Next generation networks dimensioning with improved and guaranteed quality of service
8.Cnf-659 Mrs. Hajaiej Rim
Prof. Bouallegue Ridha
Multi path radio mobile channel modeling with Rayleigh fading
8.Cnf-712 Mr. Jafar Karimi
A novel radix-4 structure for computing IFFT in MCM system
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