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Papers Published at GC-CNIT 2009
All 4 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
14.Cnf-50 Dr. Iman Almomani
Ms. Maryam Al-Sharief
Ms. Rawa'a Aljabaly
Building reputation of suspicious nodes in cluster-based intrusion detection system for wireless sensors networks
14.Cnf-51 Dr. Iman Almomani
Ms. Ola Karajeh
Ms. Lamya Abdullah
Pre-authenticator and adaptive window-based DoS containing scheme for broadcast authentication in wireless sensor networks
14.Cnf-583 Dr. Abdulkader O. Alwer

New Method to reduce Latency in Fast Handover for MIPv6 on Predictive Mode

Harmonic Based Patching Scheme for VOD
14.Cnf-583 Paper View Page
Title New Method to reduce Latency in Fast Handover for MIPv6 on Predictive Mode
Authors Dr. Abdulkader O. Alwer, Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul, Turkey
, , ,
Abstract One of the most important challenges in Mobile IPv6 is to provide the service for a mobile node to maintain its connectivity to the Internet when it moves from one domain to another, which is referred to as handover. Here we deal with the fast handover problem, which is to provide rapid handover service for the delay-sensitive and real-time applications. In this paper, we propose an enhanced fast handover scheme for Mobile IPv6. In our scheme, each AR (Access Router) maintains a CoA (Care of Address) table and generates the new CoA from NAR then it pass this nCoA to the MN that will move to its domain through PAR. Also, the binding updates to home agent and correspondent node are to be performed from the time point when the PAR sends FBack to MN and NAR simultaneously. The proposed scheme is depending on implementing DAD process in NAR instead of MN comparing with existing Fast Handover scheme. From the evaluation results, we can see that the proposed enhanced fast handover scheme can achieve low handover latency and low packet delay.
Track CCN: Communications and Computer Networks
Conference 3rd Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Networking and Information Technology (MIC-CNIT 2009)
Congress 2009 Global Congress on Communications, Networking and Information Technology (GC-CNIT 2009), 21-23 December 2009, Amman, Jordan
Pages 13-21
Topics Mobile IP
Roaming and Handoff Mechanisms
ISSN 2227-331X
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