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Update on Saturday, 31 July 2021: Paper 19.Cnf-62@MIC-CPE 2011 reaches 694 views and 363 downloads.
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Papers Published at GC-CSC 2009
All 5 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
11.Cnf-48 Dr. Khaled Daqrouq
Dr. Emad Khalaf
Dr. Omar R. Daoud
Dr. Abdel-Rahman K. Al-Qawasmi
K-means clustering algorithm for wavelet transform speaker identification system
11.Cnf-186 Dr. Mohamad A. Aoude
Mr. Rimah Harb
Real-time video applications over interoperability system between UMTS and WLAN
11.Cnf-190 Dr. Mohamad A. Aoude

WiMAX Radio Network Planning Case Study Beirut City
11.Cnf-419 Mr. Ismael Gutierrez
Dr. Faouzi Bader

Combining Resource Allocation and Packet Scheduling With New Prioritization Function in SISO WiMAX System
11.Cnf-591 Dr. Hani H. Attar
Dr. Lina Stankovic
Prof. Vladimir Stankovic
Dr. Chadi Khirallah
Physical Layer Multi-Source Packet Network Coding with PUM Turbo Codes
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