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Update on Monday, 24 October 2022: Dr. Lina Montuori becomes Chairperson of MIC-Things 2023.
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Papers Published at GC-CSC 2011
All 4 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
17.Cnf-101 Prof. Thamer M. Jamel
Dr. Sabah Obaidi
Mr. Ban M. Al-Juboory
Implementation of Adaptive Neural Equalizer Using FPGA
17.Cnf-202 Dr. Suyeb Khan

Multirate Scheme & Effect of Noise Variance in WCDMA System
17.Cnf-211 Mr. Mohamed Gharba
Dr. Hao Lin
Dr. Pierre Siohan
Time offsetted FBMC/OQAM transmission system: A theoretical analysis
17.Cnf-214 Mr. Hazhir Ghasemnezhad
Prof. Mohammad Javad Dehghani
Dr. Mahmoud Rashidpour
PAPR Reduction by Using New Clipping Technique and Modified Iterative Reconstruction
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