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Papers Published at GC-CSC 2011
All 4 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
17.Cnf-101 Prof. Thamer M. Jamel
Dr. Sabah Obaidi
Mr. Ban M. Al-Juboory
Implementation of Adaptive Neural Equalizer Using FPGA
17.Cnf-202 Dr. Suyeb Khan

Multirate Scheme & Effect of Noise Variance in WCDMA System
17.Cnf-211 Mr. Mohamed Gharba
Dr. Hao Lin
Dr. Pierre Siohan
Time offsetted FBMC/OQAM transmission system: A theoretical analysis
17.Cnf-214 Mr. Hazhir Ghasemnezhad
Prof. Mohammad Javad Dehghani
Dr. Mahmoud Rashidpour
PAPR Reduction by Using New Clipping Technique and Modified Iterative Reconstruction
17.Cnf-101 Paper View Page
Title Implementation of Adaptive Neural Equalizer Using FPGA
Authors Prof. Thamer M. Jamel, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Dr. Sabah Obaidi, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Mr. Ban M. Al-Juboory, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Abstract This paper presents hardware implementation of an adaptive neural equalizer using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The adaptive neural equalizer is implemented using a Multi Layer Perceptions (MLP) neural network with the Back-Propagation (BP) algorithm. The network model has a three-layer structure which is comprised of an input layer, a hidden layer and an output layer. Then the MLP is implemented using FPGA. Computer simulation results show that the performance of the MLP equalizer using software and hardware implements are close to each other's. A single neuron was made using a schematic editor using FOUNDATION SEIRES program ver. (4.1i), and then it is used to build the complete adaptive neural equalizer. The software implementation utilization was 92% of the platform capacity on the FPGA.
Track SISP: Signal, Image and Speech Processing
Conference 4th Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Signals and Coding (MIC-CSC 2011)
Congress 2011 Global Congress on Communications, Signals and Coding (GC-CSC 2011), 7-9 October 2011, Amman, Jordan
Pages 1-6
Topics Digital Signal Processing
Neural Networks
ISSN 2227-331X
BibTeX @inproceedings{101CSC2011,
title={Implementation of Adaptive Neural Equalizer Using FPGA},
author={Thamer M. Jamel, and Sabah Obaidi, and Ban M. Al-Juboory},
booktitle={2011 Global Congress on Communications, Signals and Coding (GC-CSC 2011)},
organization={Mosharaka for Research and Studies} }
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Paper Downloads 12 Paper Downloads Rank 360/524
GC-CSC 2011 Visits: 1194||MIC-CSC 2011 Visits: 933||SISP Track Visits: 324