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ElecEng Congresses with Published Papers
GC-ElecEng 2020, Valencia
GC-ElecEng 2021, Valencia
Papers Published at GC-ElecEng 2021
All 11 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
43.Cnf-38 Mr. Aron Kondoro
Ms. Diana Rwegasira
Prof. Imed Dhaou
Prof. Hannu Tenhunen
Trends of using blockchain technology in the smart grid
63.Cnf-75 Mr. Andres Rojas
Prof. Gordana J. Dolecek
Evaluation of Supervised Machine Learning Classification Algorithms for Fingerprint Recognition
62.Cnf-106 Mr. Joan Carles Montero
Ms. Merce Feliu
Dr. Joan Bas
Optical Communications Through Low Orbit Satellites
63.Cnf-140 Dr. Mohammad Al-Mousa
Mr. Nael Sweerky
Dr. Ghassan Samara
Dr. Mohammed Alghanim
Ms. Abla Hussein
Mr. Braa Qadoumi
General Countermeasures of Anti-Forensics Categories
62.Cnf-143 Dr. Ghassan Samara
Mr. Mohammad Hussein
Dr. Khalid Alqawasmi
Alarm System at street junctions (ASSJ) to avoid accidents Using VANET system
43.Cnf-1170 Mr. Zayd Khashshan
Dr. Moudar Zgoul
Optic Flow-based Vision System for Autonomous and Collision-free Navigation of Micro Aerial Vehicles
62.Cnf-1173 Mr. Fernando Salazar-Quiñonez
Prof. Raed Abd-Alhameed
Mr. Andrew Cowley
Mr. Derek Bladen
UHF Radio Extender System for Ship to Shore Communications using 3D SBR for Positioning
63.Cnf-1174 Prof. Gordana J. Dolecek
Improving Characteristics of Compensated Sharpened CIC Decimation Filters
35.Cnf-1175 Ms. Aika Silveira Miura
Ms. Mar Parra Boronat
Prof. Jaime Lloret
Prof. Miguel Rodilla
LED optical sensor prototype to determine dissolved oxygen saturation in water
35.Cnf-1176 Dr. Falih Alkhafaji
Modelling High speed Robotic Arm for Industrial Applications
43.Cnf-1177 Mr. Juan Luis Mayor Puyol
Dr. Victor Monzón Baeza
Bycicle Sharing System Using an IoT Network
61.Cnf-1198 Paper View Page
Title Asymptotic stabilization of fractional order fuzzy time-varying delay systems
Authors Dr. Aissa Rebai, Ecole Nationale Polytechnique, Algiers, Algeria
Prof. Kamel Guesmi, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Reims, France
Abstract This paper deals with the asymptotic stability of fractional order Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy time-varying delay systems. First, asymptotic stability of this class of systems is analyzed. Then, sufficient conditions are obtained using Lyapunov-Krasovskii approach to ensure the asymptotic stability of the closed loop system. Finally, the effectiveness of proposed approach is carried out through numerical simulations.
Track ACS: Automatic Control Systems
Conference 1st Mosharaka International Conference on Control and Systems Engineering (MIC-Control 2021)
Congress 2021 Global Congress on Electrical Engineering (GC-ElecEng 2021), 10-12 December 2021, Valencia, Spain
Pages --1
Topics Stability, Controllability and Observability
Fuzzy Control Systems
ISSN 2227-331X
BibTeX @inproceedings{1198ElecEng2021,
title={Asymptotic stabilization of fractional order fuzzy time-varying delay systems},
author={Aissa Rebai, and Kamel Guesmi},
booktitle={2021 Global Congress on Electrical Engineering (GC-ElecEng 2021)},
organization={Mosharaka for Research and Studies} }
Paper Views 27 Paper Views Rank 160/524
Paper Downloads 24 Paper Downloads Rank 48/524
GC-ElecEng 2021 Visits: 5619||MIC-Control 2021 Visits: 700||ACS Track Visits: 295