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Papers Published at GC-MCWC 2013
All 8 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
41.Cnf-279 Mr. Ahmed Solyman
Dr. Hani H. Attar
Dr. Stephan Weiss
Prof. John Soraghan
A Novel Multicarrier Transceiver Based on the Discrete Fractional Cosine Transform
41.Cnf-570 Mr. Bilal Wajid
Dr. Mohamed Nounou
Prof. Hazem Nounou
Prof. Muhammad Naeem Ayyaz
Prof. Erchin Serpedin
Gibbs-BECA: Gibbs Sampling and Bayesian Estimation for Comparative Assembly
41.Cnf-571 Dr. Amina Noor
Prof. Erchin Serpedin
Dr. Mohamed Nounou
Prof. Hazem Nounou
An online algorithm for reverse engineering sparse gene regulatory networks using non-linear state-space models
41.Cnf-577 Mr. Wei Cao
Prof. Jing Lei
Mr. Wei Liu
Mr. Weidong Hu
Mr. Qi Zongfeng
Secrecy gain of Gaussian wiretap codes from Barnes’s lattice A62
41.Cnf-579 Prof. Jaeshin Jang
New helper node selection scheme for cooperative communications at ad hoc networks
41.Cnf-580 Ms. Smrati Gupta
Ms. M. A. Pimental-Nino
Dr. M. A. Vazquez-Castro
Joint network coded-cross layer optimized video streaming over relay satellite channel
41.Cnf-585 Prof. Sameer Bataineh
Prof. Issa Khalil
Scheduling divisible load on Wireless Grid with communication Delay
41.Cnf-586 Mr. Ahmed Solyman
Dr. Stephan Weiss
Dr. Hani H. Attar
Prof. John Soraghan
Analysis Of Peak-To-Average Power Ratio Of Orthogonal Chirp Division Multiplexing Multicarrier System Based on The Discrete Fractional Cosine Transform
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