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Update on Tuesday, 10 August 2021: Paper 1.Cnf-139@MIC-MCWC 2006 reaches 645 views and 244 downloads.
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Papers Published at GC-MCWC 2012
All 5 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
30.Cnf-163 Dr. Ismael Cuadrado Cordero
Dr. Luis Miguel Soria Morillo
Prof. Juan A. Ortega
Dr. Luis Gonzalez-Abril
Architecture for based-on-context mobile application developing
30.Cnf-321 Dr. Ateeq A. Khan
FPGA based prototyping of digital functions and algorithms using VHDL
30.Cnf-341 Dr. Fernando Ramirez-Mireles
Dr. Juan Reig
Dr. Jose-Maria Molina-Garcia-Pardo
Dr. Vicent Miquel Rodrigo Peñarrocha
Dr. Lorenzo Rubio
OFDM in the 60 GHz Band: Fading Characterization and Performance Evaluation
30.Cnf-345 Ms. Maha Abousharkh
Prof. Hussein Mouftah
Publish/subscribe services based middleware for remote health care system
30.Cnf-351 Dr. Concepcion Sanchis-Borras
Dr. Jose-Maria Molina-Garcia-Pardo
Prof. Martine Lienard
Prof. Pierre Degauque
Ms. Maria Teresa Martínez Inglés
Prof. Leandro Juan-Llacer
MIMO-OFDM Communications in Tunnels
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