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Update on Tuesday, 9 April 2024: Prof. Saher Albatran becomes Track Chairperson of APE@MIC-Power 2024.
2021 Global Congress on Electrical Engineering (GC-ElecEng 2021)
10-12 December 2021, Valencia, Spain
2nd Mosharaka International Conference on Emerging Applications of Electrical Engineering (MIC-ElectricApps 2021)
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 is technically co-sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Papers will appear in IEEE Xplore.
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Welcome to GC-ElecEng 2021
Welcome to the 2021 Global Congress on Electrical Engineering (GC-ElecEng 2021). This event is intended to represent a major forum for researchers, professionals and students from all over the world to meet remotely to present their latest research results and to exchange new ideas and practical experiences.


GC-ElecEng 2021 main scope includes, but is not limited to the following areas: Sensors, Sensor Networks, and Applications; Power Engineering and Applications; Mechatronics Engineering and Applications; Robotics Engineering and Applications; Energy Engineering and Applications; Nano Engineering and Applications; Computing Systems and Networks; Solid State Electronics; Electronic Circuits and Devices; Integrated Circuit Technologies and Applications; Photonics and Optoelectronics; Industrial Electronics and Applications; Electronic Instrumentation; Electronics Modeling and Simulation; Artificial Intelligence Systems and Technologies; Machine Vision Systems and Technologies; Intelligent Systems and Edge Computing; Smart Grid Systems; Smart Cities of the Future; Smart Architecture; Smart Healthcare; Smart Transportation and Smart Vehicles; Smart Devices and Technologies; Internet of Things and Applications; Automatic Control Systems; Automation Science and Engineering; Control System Technologies and Applications; Multimedia Communication Systems and Networks; Spread Spectrum Communications; Information Theory and Coding; Optical Communication Systems and Networks; Wireless Communication Systems and Networks; Communication Circuits and Sub-Systems; Consumer Communications and Electronics; Communications Software and Services; Satellite Communication Systems; Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation; Signal Processing Theory and Techniques; Signal Processing for Communications; Machine Learning for Signal Processing; Information Forensics and Security; Medical Imaging and Signal Processing; Digital Speech and Audio Processing; Multimedia Signal Processing; Digital Image Processing; Digital Video Processing; Neural Networks and Applications;

GC-ElecEng 2021 is planned to feature special sessions, keynote talks and tutorial sessions by leading experts, paper presentations, poster shows, demo shows, discussion panels, as well as other interesting technical activities.


Spain has recently become the second most visited country in the world; mainly because of fabulous beaches, the culture, history and ancient buildings, which can be visited, and because of its marvelous weather along the year. The quality of the services presented to the tourists is very high, which makes visitors being very comfortable during their stay in the country.


Valencia is the third city of Spain with most population. It is the capital of the Valencia Community region. It was created in 138 b. C. Its large history, its new constructions in the area of the City of Arts and Sciences and its placement in the Mediterranean Sea, with large beautiful beaches, make it unique. The culture brings the tourists to one of the most wonderful places of Spain. Moreover, the Valencian gastronomy is well known all around the world (Valencian Paella, Horchata, etc.).

GC-ElecEng 2021 Conferences

MIC-ElectricApps 2021

MIC-Electronics 2021

MIC-Smart 2021

MIC-Control 2021

MIC-Telecom 2021

MIC-Signals 2021
Why Take Part in GC-ElecEng 2021?
* GC-ElecEng 2021 is Technically Co-Sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Papers will appear in IEEE Xplore.
* Enjoy attending GC-ElecEng 2021 at Eurostars Gran Valencia, in Valencia, Spain.
* Enjoy moderate registration fees, and register up to two papers for the same registration fee. Students receive substantial registration discounts.
* Have the possiblity to extend and publish your conference papers with some of the top journal publishers.
* Only full paper submissions are allowed at all our conferences. No summary or abstract submissions are allowed. Conference topic coverage includes the most current and exciting fields of knowledge and research.
* Papers can be accepted to our conferences only after rigorous peer reviewing.
* Our outstanding reviewing process is facilitated by careful selection of technical program committee members from among the best international experts. Each submitted paper is subject to no less than two peer reviews before it can be considered for acceptance.
* Published papers of GC-ElecEng 2021 are indexed by Google Scholar. More indexing is on the way.
* At each conference, and based on paper review scores, the paper with the highest scores receives the Best Paper Award. This is an award to which only presented papers are eligible. The best paper award is usually delivered to the presenter of the winning paper at the main conference dinner.
GC-ElecEng 2021 Dates
GC-ElecEng 2021 Days Friday - Sunday: 10-12 December 2021
Full Paper Submission Deadline - Extended Sunday, 7 November 2021
Author Notifications Sunday, 21 November 2021
Final Paper Submissions Deadline Wednesday, 1 December 2021
Registration Deadline Wednesday, 1 December 2021
Registration Cancellation Deadline Tuesday, 7 December 2021
GC-ElecEng 2021 Submissions
MIC-ElectricApps 2021
Emerging Applications of Electrical Engineering
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Paper Submissions Closed
MIC-Electronics 2021
Electronic Engineering and Applications
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Paper Submissions Closed
MIC-Smart 2021
Smart Systems and Technologies
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Paper Submissions Closed
MIC-Control 2021
Control and Systems Engineering
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Paper Submissions Closed
MIC-Telecom 2021
Telecommunication Systems and Networks
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Paper Submissions Closed
MIC-Signals 2021
Digital Signal Processing
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Paper Submissions Closed
GC-ElecEng 2021

Event Submissiions
GC-ElecEng 2021

Special Session Submissiions
Are you preparing a paper to submit to GC-ElecEng 2021?
If so, please help the organizing committee make good predictions about the potential size of GC-ElecEng 2021 participation. To do so, please indicate your plan to submit a contribution by clicking here. This does not imply any commitment on your side. Kindly note that clicking the above link does not involve submission of any contribution.
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MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Tracks
Welcome to the 2nd Mosharaka International Conference on Emerging Applications of Electrical Engineering (MIC-ElectricApps 2021). This is a member conference of the 2021 Global Congress on Electrical Engineering (GC-ElecEng 2021).
The scope of MIC-ElectricApps 2021 is organized into the following conference tracks:
Sensors, Sensor Networks, and Applications
Power Engineering and Applications
Mechatronics Engineering and Applications
Robotics Engineering and Applications
Energy Engineering and Applications
Nano Engineering and Applications
Computing Systems and Networks
Clicking any of the above tracks links reveals links to view track topics and track committee, and links to submit contributions.
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Technical Program Committee (TPC)

MIC-ElectricApps 2021 TPC Members

Dr. Mohammed Hassan Ahmed University of Blue Nile Sudan
Dr. Aaqif Afzaal Abbasi Foundation University Islamabad Pakistan
Dr. Noor Izzri Abdul Wahab Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia
Dr. Hatim G. Abood University of Diyala Iraq
Dr. Abdulla Abuayash Central Bank Of Jordan Jordan
Dr. Monjur Ahmed Waikato Institute of Technology New Zealand
Dr. Zakarea Al Shara Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Dr. Majid Al-Hafidh University of Mosul Iraq
Prof. Saher Albatran Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Dr. Ahmed Ali Northern Technical University Iraq
Dr. Falih Alkhafaji Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia
Dr. Mustafa Alrayah Hassan National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology Taiwan
Dr. Jabir Alshehabi Al-Ani Lancaster University UK
Dr. Abdullah Alzahrani Oakland University USA
Dr. Rahul Basu Visvesvaraya Technological University India
Dr. Iqbal Batiha Ajman University UAE
Mr. Hemlal Bhattarai Royal University of Bhutan Bhutan
Prof. Md. Haider Ali Biswas Khulna University Bangladesh
Prof. Jalil Boudjadar Aarhus University Denmark
Prof. Denille Brito De Lima Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes Brazil
Dr. Jesus Cano Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Dr. Juan Jose Castillo Acantelys Research Group Chile
Prof. Mu-Yen Chen National Cheng Kung University Taiwan
Dr. Sonali Chouhan Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati India
Dr. Mohsen Ebadpour Islamic Azad University Ahar Branch Iran
Dr. Mohammad Faisal University of Malakand Pakistan
Dr. Ali Hamoodi Northern Technical University Iraq
Dr. Mohammad Hayajneh Hashemite University Jordan
Prof. Tzung-Pei Hong National University of Kaohsiung Taiwan
Prof. Noureddine Idboufker Université Cadi Ayyad Morocco
Dr. Akhtar Jalbani Sindh Agriculture University Pakistan
Dr. Mohammad A. Jaradat American University of Sharjah UAE
Dr. Saravanan K Anna University India
Prof. Yannis Karnavas Democritus University of Thrace Greece
Dr. Janardhan Reddy Koduru Kwangwoon University Korea
Dr. Rohaya Latip Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia
Dr. Pavel Loskot ZJU-UIUC Institute China
Prof. Bashar Malkawi University of Arizona USA
Dr. Dinesh Mavaluru Saudi Electronic University Saudi Arabia
Dr. Jose Carlos Metrôlho Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco Portugal
Dr. Parvees Mohamed Annamalai University India
Dr. Inas Mohammed
Dr. Khairul Khauizi Mohd Shariff Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia
Dr. Lina Montuori Universitat Politecnica de Valencia Spain
Dr. Firdaus Muhammad-Sukki Edinburgh Napier University UK
Dr. Thillaiarasu Nadesan Galgotias University India
Dr. Khaled Nagaty British University in Egypt Egypt
Dr. Yashwanth Nanjappa Manipal Institute of Technology India
Dr. Quang Nguyen Waseda University Japan
Dr. Mohamed Nounou Texas A&M University Qatar
Dr. Rawaa Qasha University of Mosul Iraq
Dr. Jatinderkumar Saini Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research India
Dr. Umer Hameed Shah Khalifa University UAE
Dr. Asadullah Shaikh Najran University Saudi Arabia
Dr. Bhopendra Singh Amity University Dubai UAE
Prof. Tariq Soomro Institute of Business Management Pakistan
Dr. Milad Taleby Ahvanooey Nanjing University China
Dr. Shahnawaz Talpur Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Pakistan
Prof. Ghassan Tashtoush Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
Dr. Jiashen Teh Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
Dr. Vinod Kumar Verma Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology India
Prof. Carlos Westphall Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brazil
Dr. Khalid Yahya İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi Turkey
Dr. Plamen Z. Zahariev University of Ruse Bulgaria
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Statistics

Conference Editions


Submitted Papers


Published Papers


PS Percentage

CRC Press Books on Emerging Applications of Electrical Engineering
Book authors and/or editors are needed in the (Emerging Applications of Electrical Engineering) area, to be published by CRC Press under the book series (Prospects in Electrical Engineering: P-Electrical).
If interested, please click here.
MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Track on
Energy Engineering and Applications (Energy)

Energy track topics include, but are not limited to the following:

AI in Energy and Power Systems; Bio-Diesel Fuel; Bio-Energy Technologies; Biomass and Biofuels; Clean Sources of Energy; Clean Technologies; Command and Control in Renewable Energy Systems; Computational Intelligence in Power Systems; Computational Methods in Power Systems Engineering; Conservation and Management of Energy; Data Mining for Power Systems; Distributed Power Systems; Ecological Impacts of Energy Production; Efficienct Use of Water and Energy Resources; Energy Chemical Engineering; Energy Conservation and Management; Energy Conversion and Conservation; Energy Demand Modeling; Energy Efficiency; Energy Engineering; Energy Extraction Impacts on Water Resources; Energy Management Systems; Energy Recycling Systems; Energy Storage Systems; Energy and Climate Change; Energy and Material Metabolism; Energy and the Environment; Energy-Water Nexus; Environmental Sustainability; Fission Energy; Fusion Energy; Geothermal Energy Systems; Geothermal and Tidal Wave Energy; Global Energy Issues; Green Building Materials; Green Sources of Energy; Hybrid Energy Systems; Hybrid Microgrids; Hydroelectric Power Systems; Hydrogen Energy; Integration of Distributed Energy Resources; Intelligent Power and Energy Systems; MEMS Applications in Power Generation; Modeling and Simulation of Power Systems; Modelling of Energy Sources; Nanotechnology and Energy; Nuclear Chemistry; Nuclear Energy; Power Factor Correction; Power Flow Analysis and Modeling; Power Quality and Grounding; Power System Modeling; Power System Monitoring; Power System Operation; Power System Protection; Power System Safety and Maintenance; Power System Stability; Renewable Energy Integration; Renewable Energy Systems and Sustainable Development; Renewable Energy Technologies; Solar Energy Systems; Sustainable Cities; Sustainable Industrial Production; Sustainable Management of Natural Resources; Sustainable Transport; Waste Management Strategies; Wind Energy Systems
Energy TPC Energy Paper Submissions
Closed on Sunday, 7 November 2021
Energy Engineering and Applications (Energy) Committee
GC-ElecEng 2021 Visits: 9430||MIC-ElectricApps 2021 Visits: 1456||Energy Track Visits: 163