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Papers Published at GC-MCWC 2006
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GS Citations

Dr. Baber Aslam
Dr. Muhammad H. Islam
Dr. Shoab Khan
802.11 disassociation DoS attack and its solutions: a survey

GS Citations

Dr. Baber Aslam
Dr. Muhammad H. Islam
Dr. Shoab Khan
Pseudo randomized sequence number based solution to 802.11 disassociation denial of service attack
1.Cnf-139 Paper View Page
Title Web caching in mobile environments
Authors Prof. Arwa Zabian, Jadara University, Irbid, Jordan
Mr. Sami Qawasmeh, Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Science, Amman, Jordan
Abstract During the past years, a number of efforts have been made to consolidate the www with wireless network (w4). To realize this vision is developed the wireless communication infrastructure but a mobile terminal may still have difficulty to connect to a wired network or Internet due to limited wireless bandwidth and accessibility. Thus, researchers are exploring an alternative technology called mobile Ad-Hoc network (MANET) for its low cost and easy deployment. In this paper we present an ongoing work in developing a replacement strategy for mobile web caching in which the eviction of a document is based on three criteria are : the references and the cost of retrieve the document from remote node and the size of the document. Considering that, the document to be evicted is that less referenced during the caching time, and with high retrieving cost.
Track MCA: Mobile Computing and Applications
Conference 1st Mosharaka International Conference on Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications (MIC-MCWC 2006)
Congress 2006 Global Congress on Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications (GC-MCWC 2006), 17-20 September 2006, Amman, Jordan
Pages --1
Topics Wireless Ad hoc Networks
Web Computing
ISSN 2227-331X
BibTeX @inproceedings{139MCWC2006,
title={Web caching in mobile environments},
author={Arwa Zabian, and Sami Qawasmeh},
booktitle={2006 Global Congress on Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications (GC-MCWC 2006)},
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Paper Views 1084 Paper Views Rank 24/525
Paper Downloads 324 Paper Downloads Rank 67/525
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