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Papers Published at GC-MCWC 2006
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GS Citations

Dr. Baber Aslam
Dr. Muhammad H. Islam
Dr. Shoab Khan
802.11 disassociation DoS attack and its solutions: a survey

GS Citations

Dr. Baber Aslam
Dr. Muhammad H. Islam
Dr. Shoab Khan
Pseudo randomized sequence number based solution to 802.11 disassociation denial of service attack
1.Cnf-125 Paper View Page
Title Multiuser Orthogonal Opportunistic Schemes: A Stability Target
Authors Dr. Nizar Zorba, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
Prof. Ana Perez, Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Abstract Scheduling in a Broadcast multiantenna channel based on partial Channel State Information at the Transmitter (CSIT) is carried out in an opportunistic way, where several beams are randomly generated at the Base Station (BS) transmitter to simultaneously deliver some users with their intended data. System stability is considered along the paper to guarantee a non-explosive behaviour of users' queues at the BS. To account for a better stability achievement while keeping an acceptable system sum rate, several random beam sets are generated to serve the users in a heterogeneous system, where both voice and data applications are considered. The analytical study is followed by extensive simulations for an outdoor wireless scenario where it is shown the superior performance of the proposed additional processing.
Track WCS: Wireless Communication Systems
Conference 1st Mosharaka International Conference on Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications (MIC-MCWC 2006)
Congress 2006 Global Congress on Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications (GC-MCWC 2006), 17-20 September 2006, Amman, Jordan
Pages --1
Topics Cross-Layer Design and Optimization
MIMO Wireless Communications
ISSN 2227-331X
BibTeX @inproceedings{125MCWC2006,
title={Multiuser Orthogonal Opportunistic Schemes: A Stability Target},
author={Nizar Zorba, and Ana Perez},
booktitle={2006 Global Congress on Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications (GC-MCWC 2006)},
organization={Mosharaka for Research and Studies} }
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Paper Downloads 336 Paper Downloads Rank 66/525
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