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Update on Wednesday, 9 February 2022: Paper 12.Cnf-111 reaches 739 views and 331 downloads.
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EngiTek Congresses with Published Papers
EngiTek 2020, Irbid
Papers Published at EngiTek 2020
All 2 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
51.Cnf-17 Mr. Ameer Mubaslat
Mr. Ahmad Al Haj
Prof. Saud Khashan
Simulation assisted leak detection in pressurized systems using machine learning
51.Cnf-1062 Dr. Aqeed M. Chyad
Dr. Osama Abudayyeh
Dr. Maha Alkasisbeh
A Nonlinear Regression-Based Machine Learning Model for Predicting Concrete Bridge Deck Condition
47.Cnf-1101 Paper View Page
Title Complex Magnetic and Electric Dipolar Resonances of Subwavelength GaAs Prolate Spheroids
Authors Mr. Georgios D. Kolezas, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece
Dr. Grigorios Zouros, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece
Prof. Gerasimos Pagiatakis, School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, Athens, Greece
Abstract In this work we investigate the complex magnetic and electric dipolar resonances of a subwavelength gallium arsenide (GaAs) prolate spheroid. We employ a formulation based on spheroidal vector wave functions (VWFs) for the expansion of the electromagnetic fields in the interior and exterior of the spheroid. Satisfying the boundary conditions at the spheroidal surface, we finally obtain a linear system of equations. The resonance wavelengths are obtained by setting the system's determinant equal to zero and utilizing an efficient root-finding algorithm. Comparisons with HFSS commercial software are performed, and numerical results are given for different aspect ratio nanospheroids.
Track CSA: Communication Systems and Applications
Conference 1st International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Technologies (ElectriTek 2020)
Congress International Congress on Engineering Technologies (EngiTek 2020), 16-18 June 2020 (Remotely), Irbid, Jordan
Pages --1
Topics Optically Resonant Dielectric Nanostructures
Reflectors and Polarizers
ISSN 2227-331X
BibTeX @inproceedings{1101EngiTek2020,
title={Complex Magnetic and Electric Dipolar Resonances of Subwavelength GaAs Prolate Spheroids},
author={Georgios D. Kolezas, and Grigorios Zouros, and Gerasimos Pagiatakis},
booktitle={International Congress on Engineering Technologies (EngiTek 2020)},
organization={Mosharaka for Research and Studies} }
Paper Views 631 Paper Views Rank 89/525
Paper Downloads 204 Paper Downloads Rank 108/525
EngiTek 2020 Visits: 18387||ElectriTek 2020 Visits: 10030||CSA Track Visits: 2273