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Update on Thursday, 27 January 2022: Dr. Esraa Abdelall becomes Track Chairperson of MDM@MechaniTek 2022.
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EngiTek Congresses with Published Papers
EngiTek 2020, Irbid
Papers Published at EngiTek 2020
All 10 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
51.Cnf-17 Mr. Ameer Mubaslat
Mr. Ahmad Al Haj
Prof. Saud Khashan
Simulation assisted leak detection in pressurized systems using machine learning
51.Cnf-1062 Dr. Aqeed M. Chyad
Dr. Osama Abudayyeh
Dr. Maha Alkasisbeh
A Nonlinear Regression-Based Machine Learning Model for Predicting Concrete Bridge Deck Condition
47.Cnf-1071 Dr. Mohammad M. Banat
Mr. Ahmed Al-Shwmi
Detailed Simplified Implementation of Filter Bank Multicarrier Modulation Using Sub-Channel Prototype Filters
47.Cnf-1097 Dr. Mohammad M. Banat
Mrs. Haifaa Elayyan
Academic Rewards Coin (ARC) Concept: Mining Academic Contribution Into Bitcoin
47.Cnf-1098 Mr. Chris Matrakidis
Dr. Dimitris Uzunidis
Alexandros Stavdas
Prof. Gerasimos Pagiatakis
Analytical modeling of dispersion penalty for NRZ transmission
47.Cnf-1099 Dr. Dimitris Uzunidis
Mr. Chris Matrakidis
Alexandros Stavdas
Prof. Gerasimos Pagiatakis
On the Attainable Transparent Length of Multi-Band Optical Systems Employing Rare – Earth Doped Fiber Amplifiers
47.Cnf-1101 Mr. Georgios D. Kolezas
Dr. Grigorios Zouros
Prof. Gerasimos Pagiatakis
Complex Magnetic and Electric Dipolar Resonances of Subwavelength GaAs Prolate Spheroids
51.Cnf-1104 Dr. Rafat Al-Waked
Underground Car Park - Mechanical Ventilation
47.Cnf-1105 Dr. Vladimir Vinnikov
Dr. Ekaterina Pshehotskaya
The partial disclosure of gpsOne file format for assisted GPS service
47.Cnf-1107 Mr. Ugur Ozbek
Dr. Derya Yiltas-Kaplan
Mr. Ahmet Zengin
Ms. Sema Ölmez
Traffic Analysis of a Software Defined Network
47.Cnf-1136 Paper View Page
Title A nano/micro-sphere excited by a subwavelength laser for wireless communications
Authors Mr. Amer Abu Arisheh, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan
Dr. Said Mikki, University of New Haven, West Haven, CT, USA
Prof. Nihad Dib, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan
Abstract The problem of exciting a nanosphere by an external light has been extensively studied in the literature. In this paper, a far-field simulation and analysis is provided for the problem of a nano/micro-sphere excited by a subwavelength laser (800 nm wavelength) as a part of a wireless communication system. The simulation is done using a full-wave finite-element method based multiphysics solver. Nonparaxial Gaussian beam formulation, which is based on plane wave expansion, is utilized to simulate an accurate subwavelength laser. Evanescent fields are included in the expansion which help in simulating the tightly focused Gaussian beam. The subwavelength laser beam is accurate as it drops to exactly 1/e of its peak at the spot radius distance. The studied sphere is swept from 100 nm to 1000 nm while the subwavelength laser spot radius is swept from 600 nm to 800 nm. The relationship between ratio of scattered power to absorbed power and ratio of subwavelength laser spot radius to sphere radius is discussed in this work. Far-field antenna quantities are calculated and a nano/micro-scale spherical antenna is optimized for optimum sphere radius and subwavelength laser spot radius.
Track NST: Nano Science and Technology
Conference 1st International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Technologies (ElectriTek 2020)
Congress International Congress on Engineering Technologies (EngiTek 2020), 16-18 June 2020, Irbid, Jordan
Pages --1
Topics Nano Communications
Nano Computational Methods
ISSN 2227-331X
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title={A nano/micro-sphere excited by a subwavelength laser for wireless communications},
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Paper Views 27 Paper Views Rank 158/524
Paper Downloads 23 Paper Downloads Rank 65/524
EngiTek 2020 Visits: 5389||ElectriTek 2020 Visits: 2774||NST Track Visits: 222