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Papers Published at GC-CCA 2012
All 14 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
34.Cnf-227 Ms. Imane Benkhelifa
Dr. Samira Moussaoui
Speed and Direction Prediction-based Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks
34.Cnf-266 Dr. Imad Zyout
Dr. Ikhlas Abdel-Qader
An Improvement of Texture-Based Classification of Microcalcification Clusters in Mammography using PSO-SVM Approach
34.Cnf-349 Mr. Ali Ihbeel
Dr. Hasein I. Sigiuk
Performance Evaluation of Three MANET Protocols on WSN
34.Cnf-357 Mr. Gaojie Chen
Mr. Ousama Alnatouh
Ms. Lu Ge
Prof. Jonathon Chambers
A Distributed Differential Space-Time Coding With Full Interference Cancellation Scheme for A Cooperative Four Relay Network
34.Cnf-363 Prof. Thamer M. Jamel
Mr. Karam Naji
Simple Variable Step Size LMS Algorithm for Adaptive Identification of IIR Filtering System
34.Cnf-365 Dr. M Ayyash
Dr. Yazeed A. Al-Sbou
Towards A Cross-Layer Framework for Quality of Service Provisioning in Cognitive Radio Networks
34.Cnf-415 Dr. Mohammad Reza Salehi
Dr. Ebrahim Abiri
Mr. Hamed Shahraki
Design of a 4-10 GHz low noise amplifier based on coupled inductors for communication systems
34.Cnf-435 Ms. Faiza Mekhalfa
Prof. Daoud Berkani
Comparison of fractal compression methods impact on radiographic images of weld defects
34.Cnf-436 Mrs. Besat Jafarian
Prof. Nasser Yazdani
B-tree based packet classification (B2-PC)
34.Cnf-437 Dr. Kerem Kucuk
Dr. Necla Bandirmali
Prof. Adnan Kavak
Modeling of the modified SSLE in OPNET for large scale wireless sensor networks
34.Cnf-441 Mr. Gökhan Seçinti
Dr. Turgay Altilar
Virtual Laxity Driven Scheduling for Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
34.Cnf-443 Dr. Takeshi Matsuda
Dr. Daiki Koizumi
Mr. Michio Sonoda
Cross Site Scripting Attacks Detection Algorithm Based on the Appearance Position of Characters
34.Cnf-446 Mr. Afonso J. Faria
Prof. Jose Brito
Average Delay in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Slotted ALOHA
34.Cnf-447 Mr. Helmi Ahmed
Prof. Mohamed Massmoudi
intensive Computing in advanced wireless sensor node: potential solution
34.Cnf-494 Paper View Page
Title A Human Centric Approach for RFID based Quality Monitoring System for Gas Pipelines
Authors Mr. Adnan Nasir, Texas A&M University, Doha, Qatar
Mr. Ali Riza Ekti, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA
Dr. Khalid Qaraqe, Texas A&M University, Doha, Qatar
, , ,
Prof. Soong Boon-Hee, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore
Abstract Omnipresence of radio–frequency identifications (RFIDs) and their use with existing and emerging new wireless technologies have paved way for a plethora of monitoring applications in the field of oil and gas. Degradation in liquefied petroleum/natural gas (LPG/LNG) quality and pipe infrastructure can be a nuisance for the oil and gas industry, hence, we propose a human centric cyber–physical wireless monitoring system utilizing hybrid wireless technologies including RFIDs and other sensor motes to detect and prevent such hazards. The objective of this research is to allow maintainers and administrators to perceive and decide on top of the monitoring system to increase the performance and efficiency of the whole monitoring application.
Track DCC: Data and Computer Communications
Conference 5th Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Computers and Applications (MIC-CCA 2012)
Congress 2012 Global Congress on Communications, Computers and Applications (GC-CCA 2012), 12-14 October 2012, Istanbul, Turkey
Pages --1
Topics Wireless Sensor Networks
Cognitive Wireless Networks
ISSN 2227-331X
BibTeX @inproceedings{494CCA2012,
title={A Human Centric Approach for RFID based Quality Monitoring System for Gas Pipelines},
author={Adnan Nasir, and Ali Riza Ekti, and Khalid Qaraqe, and , and Soong Boon-Hee},
booktitle={2012 Global Congress on Communications, Computers and Applications (GC-CCA 2012)},
organization={Mosharaka for Research and Studies} }
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Paper Downloads 21 Paper Downloads Rank 301/524
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