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Papers Published at GC-CPE 2013
All 11 Papers
IDAuthors and TitlePages
37.Cnf-505 Mrs. Besat Jafarian
Prof. Nasser Yazdani
Universal B-tree Based Packet Classification(UB-PC)
37.Cnf-512 Dr. Alia Zakriti
Dr. Naima Amar Touhami
Mr. Mohamed Lamsali
Dr. Mohamed Essaidi
Improvement of Band-Width Performance of Hairpin Band-Pass Filter Using Defected Ground Structures
37.Cnf-522 Mr. Pedro M. Figueiredo E Silva
Prof. José Sanguino
Ms. Teresa Ferreira
Prof. Antonio Rodrigues
Using Predicted Doppler Measurements for Positioning in Urban Environments
37.Cnf-523 Mr. Khaled Eshteiwi
Prof. Reza Soleymani
Performance Analysis of Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Networks with Best Relay Selection
37.Cnf-533 Dr. Labib Daloub
Challenges of Smart Grid Transformation in Libya and North Africa Region Region
37.Cnf-537 Mr. Gunnar Wahlgren
Mr. Khalid Bencherifa
Dr. Stewart Kowalski
A Framework for selecting IT Security Risk Management Methods based on ISO27005
37.Cnf-542 Mr. Yuichi Kato
Prof. Takehiko Kobayashi
Dr. Tomoaki Toda
Dr. Atsushi Tomiki
Prof. Kenichi Kagoshima

Prototype of an X/Ka Dual-Band Primary Radiatop for Satellite-Borne Cassegrain Antennas
37.Cnf-544 Prof. Wahbi Azeddine
Prof. Rachid El Gouri
Mr. Anas El Habti El Idrissi
Prof. Hlou Laamari
Real-time DSK C6713 implementation of adaptatif acoustic echo cancelation
37.Cnf-549 Dr. Said Mazer

Modeling of a complete Multi Band OOK Ultra WideBand Link
37.Cnf-551 Mr. Mohammed Kharma
Dr. Nidal Kafri
Reduced Changes in the Carrier of Steganography Algorithm
37.Cnf-557 Mr. Diallo Yaccoub Mohamed Hamidne
Mr. Achraf Jaoujal
Mr. Mohammed Younssi
Prof. Ahmed El Moussaoui
Prof. Noura Aknin
Compact Micro-Strip Inverted-L Monopole Antenna Parasitic Element Extends Directly Starting from Ground Plan for Wideband Applications
37.Cnf-549 Paper View Page
Title Modeling of a complete Multi Band OOK Ultra WideBand Link
Authors Dr. Said Mazer, Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fes, Morocco
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, , ,
Abstract In Ultra WideBand (UWB) High Data Rates (HDR) communications, two modulations schemes are in competition. The first one is an impulse-based BPSK modulation (IR, Impulse Radio). The second one is a Multi-Band Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (MB-OFDM). A third modulation scheme has been proposed by Mitsubishi. It is an Impulse Radio Multi-Band On-Off Keying modulation (MB-OOK), which combines the advantages of the first two modulation schemes. This paper deals with the modeling of a complete UWB MB-OOK link under the Agilent-ADS (Advanced Design System). The focus will be on the receiver's performance based on non-coherent energy detection.
Track CCS: Communication Circuits and Sub-Systems
Conference 6th Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Propagation, and Electronics (MIC-CPE 2013)
Congress 2013 Global Congress on Communications, Propagation, and Electronics (GC-CPE 2013), 1-3 February 2013, Kenitra, Morocco
Pages 44-47
Topics Low-Power Wireless Communications
Integrated Circuits
ISSN 2227-331X
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Paper Downloads 19 Paper Downloads Rank 181/524
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